When the butterfly forgets to fly …..

This butterfly I knew used to fly with extreme pleasure. She was fearless , she used to dream high in fact very high but I guess she has forgotten to dream now , I wonder will she ever dream high again . She smiles but earlier that smile had a meaning but now also she smiles , but it’s not easy like earlier . She is having a tough time smiling. Oh God this butterfly is living on hopes , please don’t let her hope destroy her dreams .
Now she has just forgotten to fly but the day her hopes and expectations comes to an end , the meaning of her life will change once and for all . The butterfly will loose its happiness .

Hope her life get its colours back nd hope she can once again spread happiness and smile whole heartedly.

Malavika Nandakumar

Let Fear not Conquer 

No one in this world lives without fear . Some has it till the crucial stage to the extent of affecting their life in a great manner where as the others over comes it and moves on with the flow of life .One has to overcome these fears and enjoy what they are doing in order to have a satisfied peaceful life .Fear is an emotion expressed in many ways .Some expresses it through tears , some with temper and anxiety issues and some with silence. When fear overcomes us why do we only concentrate on that particular matter that we fear of instead why don’t we just divert our mind . This world is huge and so there are millions and trillions of topics to be thought of instead of your stupid fear .Try to say to your fears that you don’t have much time for them and you have better things to bother about .A long life is waiting ahead smiling at you and waiting for you to hold its hands and move on with positivity and smile.Do not allow your fear to rule you .Be your minds Boss and terminate your fears as much possible.

Let’s live a fearless life of peace and happiness 

She who’s dreams are shattered …

The morning Sun rays kissed her cheeks making her feel nature’s love and warmth.

What a lovely morning , she thought for herself, but poor did she know wat the day awaited her .

She being a cheerful , bubbly girl got ready all excited for the long day ahead.

She stepped out of her house for her first day at work . She was ready to face the world with heads high.

From the middle of a swimming pool now she has been moved to middle of an ocean but still nothing stopped her from being the person she is and achieving the heights she wanted.

But later on that day she did not return , no one knew where she was and then came a call ” YOUR DAUGHTER HAS BEEN RAPED”.

Her parents rushed to the hospital and  with great sorrow , broken heart and teary eyes they saw their baby girl lie in the hospital bed with wounded body and shattered dreams.

Their cheerful , bubbly girl who had lots of dreams now feared the touch of the sun and the stare of the moon terrorised her. The noise of people talking was her nightmare and she spend every second shedding tears .

She cried in pain which only her parents heard , they could see their baby girls twinkling eyes now filled with tears having no hope for anything and this broke their world.

Seeing her parents depressed she couldn’t sleep , she couldn’t smile , she didn’t even feel like opening her eyes. She wished her eyes were shut forever but she decided to fight .

She being a strong , fearless women decided to fight for herself , she decided to let people know that her world is not yet finished. She decided to live the life she always dreamt of . She decided no one can stop her from being the person she wants to be .

She chose to be bold and face the world, she learned that the key to her life’s happiness will always be with her but the wounds caused will remain forever …………